About FM Functions

With the introduction of Custom Functions in FileMaker®, the developer was given a huge instrument to assist with their development. From just that short time ago, the development community has created some superb functions but there was no central repository to post them. They were being posted on various sites that were not geared specifically towards the development of these custom functions.

While shooting the breeze with fellow developers in the pool in Orlando during the FileMaker® Developer’s Conference (DevCon) 2007, John (aka Mr. Vodka) pointed out that there was a need for a more developer friendly site that catered specifically to custom functions. However, this idea was chalked up as a typical wishful thought that are usually generated while attending DevCon and forgotten.

Then during some drinks in the lounge area at DevCon 2008 in Phoenix, the same conversations from the previous year came up. John mentioned that he would go ahead and start working on a site when he got back home from DevCon. This time he was serious.

When coming back (and after 2 grueling months of server issues), he contacted Alex Babkov (aka Genx) of FileMakerDesign.com and informed him of his idea. Alex thought it was a great much needed idea and together they started laying out the structure of what the site should be like. A few months later, with dedicated development from Alex, in conjunction with Real Evolution, the site was created. A list of specific top Alpha and Beta testers fine tuned the site to prepare for its initial launch.

This process has taken a long road, but now we would like to introduce you to fmfunctions.com, a FileMaker® developer based community resource. We will continue making enhancements and already have lots of items that we have planned to implement in the near future.

We would like to thank all those that have participated in getting the initial site launched; especially those that took the time out of their busy schedules in the Alpha and Beta tests.

Thank you all for your contribution to the development community and enjoy!

The FMfunctions.com team!