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12 April 2011
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13 April 2011
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 Marcelo Piñeyro

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AgeCalculation  ( dateOfBirth;   dateToCompare )





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Calculates how old a person or a thing was, is, or will be on a user-defined date, based on the date of birth of the person or thing.


Sample input

AgeCalculation( Date( 4 ; 12 ; 1980 ) ; "" )

Sample output

31 (when the current date is April 12, 2011 for example)


Function code


Created by Marcelo Piñeyro, Wingra Consulting LLC,
Date created: December 2010
Date modified: April 2011

To calculate how old a person or a thing was, is, or will be on a user-defined date, based on the date of birth of the person or thing.

dateOfBirth: self explanatory. Type: Date.
dateToCompare: the date on which you want to know how old the person or thing was, is, or will be. If left empty it defaults to the current date. Type: Date.

No dependencies

AgeCalculation( Date( 4 ; 12 ; 1980 ) ; "" ) returns 31 when the current date is April 12, 2011 for example.

The returned value is an integer that represents the number of full years of age.

Let( [
    today = If( IsEmpty( dateToCompare ) ; Get( CurrentDate ) ; dateToCompare ) ;
    currentYear = Year( today ) ;
    dateOfBirthMonth = Month( dateOfBirth ) ;
    dateOfBirthDay = Day( dateOfBirth ) ;
    dateOfBirthYear = Year( dateOfBirth ) ;
    bDayThisYear = Date( dateOfBirthMonth ; dateOfBirthDay ; currentYear )
] ;
    IsEmpty( dateOfBirth ) ; "" ;
    today ≥ bDayThisYear ; currentYear - dateOfBirthYear ;
    currentYear - dateOfBirthYear - 1

// ===================================

    This function is published on FileMaker Custom Functions
    to check for updates and provide feedback and bug reports
    please visit

    Prototype: AgeCalculation( dateOfBirth; dateToCompare )
    Function Author: Marcelo Piñeyro (
    Last updated: 13 April 2011
    Version: 2.0

// ===================================



12 April 2011

This one looks very promising.
If I can suggest something :
- why 3 parameters to pass a date ? All 3 are mandatory, so you could have a simple Date parameter.
- on the contrary, you could add one for the reference date, instead of using the current date. It is often interesting to know what age will someone be at a given (future) date.
  General comment
Marcelo Piñeyro
13 April 2011

Fabrice, thank you for your comments. You are right regarding using 3 parameters to pass a date. I did it that way because in the solution where I originally created the custom function, my client wanted to have a field for day, a field for month, and a field for year, with their respective value lists, but really all that is needed to pass the date of birth into the function is 1 parameter.

I also liked your suggestion to make the function more flexible in terms of being able to determine the age on any given date, not just on the current date. I did think about that before posting the function, but I wasn't sure that anyone would care about it. Your comment encouraged me to implement this feature!

I have uploaded a new version of the function that incorporates both things discussed above.

  General comment






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